BIG and small

From a out sized personality to a mind that is just beginning, you get to go inside the mind of two fashion icons, Iris Apfel and Mayhem. One is 95 years  old and the other is four years  old.

Iris was a regular girl, she went to school and graduate college. She had a mom and a dad.  The only thing different about her was that she has a eye for fashion just like a little girl named Mayhem.

They both started their fashion early, Iris started in college, she went to school for art and art history. Then she got married and opened up her own textile business (cool right ) called old World Weavers which took her all over the world in search of unique fabrics. She also went to work on interior and restoration design projects for nine of U.S. presidents at the white house.

Now let’s get to Mayhem she was a lot like me, she had to mix it up a bit and not wear the basic clothes her parents gave her. So one day she mixed it up a LOT she made a dress out of paper.


And made more and more and more and even more paper dresses (That’s a lot of more).


Then she started to get more complex she copied celebrities…

These are made out of paper


I wish they would make me an outfit ❤ These are amazing I mean truly amazing who would think a 4 year old could do this or even 95 year old it is crazy.  I have made a  outfit but not big enough to were. I like fashion I am always trying trying to make my every day outfits look different and cute. We are amazing  ;0

This is white, gold, and pink.

Hope you enjoyed my post 🙂


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