Hop Hop What?

It’s getting close to Easter so I decided to do some research about this holiday. Hope you enjoy 😉easterbunny_1

The Pagans celebrated a festival this festival was to celebrate a Goddess of Spring and fertility her name was Eostre she is a German goddess she consulted with a hare and a hares spiritual meaning is Spring and fertility. That is one story of how we got the Easter bunny. Another story is when the German immigrants came to Pennsylvania in the 1700’s. They brought stories of a bunny that laid colorful eggs and this bunny’s name was Osterhase or Oschter Haws. Kids would make nests for this bunny to lay out its eggs and sometimes leave out a carrot. And in some parts in switzerland the kids wait for a fox, a chick, a rooster, or a stork.


So  the eggs How did eggs even get into this tradition?

Well, in the late 19th century Russia’s King,Alexander III order a man named Peter Carl Fabergé to make a big sparkly egg for the king’s wife. We know this egg as a Fabergé egg.


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